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Dr. Dishman is In-Network with the following Insurance Companies. Please take a moment to call your insurance company to better understand your “Naturopathic Medicine” and “Acupuncture” coverage benefits.

  • Regence BCBS: Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • First Choice
  • Moda
  • Pacific Source (Excludes Community Solutions/OHP)
  • Providence
  • Aetna (PPO and POS – Out of Network with EPO)
  • EBMS
  • Maritain – Facebook Oregon Employees
CASH Patients + TELEHEALTH (No Insurance Coverage)

Fee schedule for visits: Cash Patients + TeleHealth (not covered by Insurance) 

The Case Review is the most timely and efficient way to determine the underlying root causes of your health concerns and design a customized and effective treatment strategy. The Case Review fee structure is designed to save you money and time over the long-term by performing the appropriate diagnostic and physiologic testing and evaluation before treatment begins.

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in the Case Review and follow up visits so that you can plan accordingly.
Functional Medicine Naturopathic Appointments:

  • Naturopathic New Patient Appointment Phase 1 Case Review: $316-412
  • Case Review: Phase 2 Review of Findings
    • Review of Findings Minimal (1 Lab): $184
    • Review of Findings Complex (2-3 Labs): $220
    • Review of Findings Complex Plus (>3 Labs): $268
  • Follow Up appointments: $184 (30 minutes), $268 (60 minutes)

Acupuncture Appointments:

  • Acupuncture New Patient Appointments: $172
  • Follow Up Acupuncture appointments: $112

Functional Medicine Naturopathic + Acupuncture Appointments:

  • Naturopathic + Acupuncture New Patient Appointments Phase 1 Case Review: $340-388
  • Case Review: Phase 2 Review of Findings
    • Review of Findings Minimal (1 Lab) + Acupuncture: $196
    • Review of Findings Complex (2-3 Labs) + Acupuncture: $296
  • Follow Up Naturopathic + Acupuncture: $196
Laboratory Tests

The costs of Laboratory tests recommended during the case review process varies depending on the complexity of condition and level of diagnostic testing required. Laboratory testing is typically $150-1500 (depending on the number of lab tests required for each individual case).

Dr. Dishman utilizes a collaborative approach with other specialists (General Practitioners, Gastroenterologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists, etc) wherever she can, in order to create a team of support for each individual patient.

The exact lab testing ordered after the Initial Case Review depends on the individual case, and may include:

  • Blood tests for specific conditions: such as high cholesterol/lipids, autoimmune disease, gluten sensitivity, food sensitivities, Leaky Gut, vitamin/nutrients status, chronic infections.
  • Advanced comprehensive stool testing: to screen for beneficial bacteria status, gram negative bacteria, yeast, parasites, intestinal inflammatory markers (IBS, IBD), dysbiosis.
  • Breath testing: for SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)
  • Saliva, Serum and/or Urine hormone testing: for adrenal and sex hormone metabolism.
  • Genetic testing: for methylation anomalies and detox capabilities.

The fee for supplements recommended as part of your treatment strategy after the Case Review is typically $100-300.

  • Did you know there is no FDA regulation on OTC supplements? We hand select medical grade natural supplements to support YOUR health goals.

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I am honored that you’ve chosen me to partner on your journey towards Inspired Health!

  • My primary practice location for In-Person visits is located in beautiful Bend, OR at Inspired Health: Integrative + Functional Medicine Center
    • I am In-Network in Oregon with a variety of different Insurance panels listed on my Fees & Insurance Page
  • I have a satellite clinic located in Raleigh, NC with very limited travel – View my Travel Schedule HERE
    • If you live in Raleigh and don’t want to wait for my travel for an in-person visit, please know that I offer TeleHealth appointments!
  • I offer TeleHealth remote care for NEW and Established patients!!
    • We do NOT bill Insurance for TeleHealth visits, but can offer you a Superbill of your services for you to get reimbursed directly for care

All New Patients are required to REGISTER with our practice to set up their appointment!


Functional Medicine
  • The Raleigh, NC Satellite Clinic currently has NO OPENINGS FOR IN-PERSON NEW PATIENTS IN 2019 >> However, we have TELEHEALTH openings!
  • If you want to wait for an In-Person New Patient Visit >> You can fill out an WAITLIST APPLICATION and we will call you if there is an opening
  • If you do NOT want to wait for an In-Person Visit >> Please schedule a TeleHealth visit today!


Dr. Dishman is a dual degree graduate from the National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon; graduating with a Naturopathic Medical Doctorate, and an M.S. in Oriental Medicine. She is a Board Certified Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, and an NCCAOM Board Certified National Diplomat in Acupuncture. Her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree from UC, San Diego in Cultural Anthropology is what initially led her down the road of Ancestral studies, medical Anthropology and ultimately evolutionary medicine. You can experience her unique blend of Integrative Functional Medicine by working with her in person or remotely via TeleMedicine.

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