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Dr. Meaghan Dishman
Inspired Health: Integrative + Functional Medicine Center
550 SW Industrial Way, Bldg 2, Ste 100
Bend, OR 97702


(541) 312-9838





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The Inspired Health Approach

Specialized Testing

This is customized healthcare. We take the guesswork out – by using specialized Functional Medicine testing your conventional doctor doesn’t do.

Natural Supplements

Did you know there is no FDA regulation on OTC supplements? We hand select medical grade natural supplements to support YOUR health goals.

Personalized Data

We use innovative technology. Track YOUR data on your journey towards optimal wellness.

Vibrant Health Essentials

#1 Nutrition

Food is your best medicine!
We create a customized Nutrition Plan based off of your individual biochemistry.

#2 Sleep

We know you want more energy, a better mood, increased sex drive, and a stable weight.
Healthy sleep is key!

#3 Movement

Movement comes in many forms. Sports, Yoga, Dance, Bike, Hike, Walk, Run > PLAY
You were designed to move!

#4 Inner Peace

You have to PRACTICE Calm–Day by day.
Developing what works for you is essential. We will help guide you towards mindful tools.


Creating lasting strategies for optimal health, and the reversal of chronic disease.
Be Inspired!

Functional Medicine


You are unique!

Functional Medicine is customized healthcare.
By addressing your own bio-individuality to get to the upstream root cause of any health concerns, you discover your optimal health and vitality.

Reach your wellness potential!

Innovative Health Tech + Ancestral Principles


Combining traditional health approaches of Naturopathic + Chinese Medicine, with specialized testing, modern technology and science to create a vital 21st century wellness plan.

Together, we utilize innovative tech approaches to help you achieve your optimal health goals.


Medical Grade Supplements


Do you feel nourished, healthy and vital?

Your customized health plan includes the highest medical grade natural remedies available.  Create nourishing vitality, reverse chronic disease, and help minimize medications and surgery.

You deserve Optimal Wellness!

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Discover life changing wellness.

Creating lifelong strategies for optimal health, and the reversal of chronic disease.

Dr. Dishman has been in private clinical practice for over 14 years, and has helped thousands of patients discover and treat the underlying cause of their unique health concerns. She currently practices in two beautiful bicoastal locations:

Experience true optimal health with Dr. Dishman’s
-Inspired Health Approach-

Live a life you love!

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