Clinical Changes: Summer 2017 – Rebranding + Expanding



2017 has proven to be a year of huge growth for me and my practice. In January I started my bicoastal practice seeing patients every 6-8wks in Bend, OR while maintaining my Raleigh, NC practice.

Things are going well, and I will continue to practice between BOTH locations!

Starting on June 26th, I will be reversing my travel schedule to focus on the expansion and build of the very first Residency Clinic in Bend, OR. I will travel back to Raleigh every 6-8wks to see patients in person, with my first visit starting the week of AUGUST 28th.

By partnering with Dr. Wendy Weintrob and working in affiliation with the medical university NUNM, we can ensure that you are receiving the most cutting edge, relevant and advanced treatment options available. 

With this expansion and bicoastal growth, know that you will still receive the same level of healthcare with added BENEFITS including: 
access to cutting edge therapies and modalities, new high tech updates, more content creation (articles/blog, recipes, videos, courses), increased staffing support.

My GOAL is to help as many people as possible to live an Inspired Life in optimal health.

The Details
  • Reversing bicoastal travel schedule starting on June 26th: See clinic schedule CALENDAR 
  • Main Clinical Base in Bend, OR with travel back to Raleigh, NC every 6-8 weeks
    • Raleigh Clinic Address: 3410 Six Forks Road
    • Bend Clinic Address: 701 NW Arizona Ave, Suite 200 (until new clinic opening August 1st)
  • Next Raleigh Visit after the transition: week of August 28th
  • TeleHealth Appointments: Remote healthcare visits to review labs, treatment care and symptom management can be done at any time throughout the month on my clinical days (Tu/We/Th)
  • Moving physical Supplement Store to Oregon end of JUNE > ONLINE STORE CLOSED June 22nd-June 30th
  • Online Shipping Available in the US (see coupon code for free shipping!)
  • Accepting New Patients: we ask that all Raleigh new patients fill out our Application to Schedule (Waitlist) and all Bend patients Register to Schedule

If not scheduled in person, most Naturopathic follow up Appointments can be done remotely using a TeleHealth program.

  • TeleHealth appointments are super convenient and quite EASY: I call you on the computer, you see me, I see you on the computer, I can share my screen to review any labs and go over any new treatment plans.
  • Many of my current patients already LOVE utilizing TeleHealth: as it allows them to stay in the comfort of their own home!
  • TeleHealth capability allows us to stay connected, review labs and adjust treatment plans as needed.
  • With a digital platform, the setup and initial interaction learning curve can be a hurdle.
                               Know that I will help assist your positive experience!

For Acupuncture patients who are currently on a bi-monthly or monthly schedule:

  • I encourage you to visit my REFERRALS PAGE to check out various Acupuncturists in the area to help supplement visits in between my scheduled dates.
  • I will have limited slots for Acupuncture appointments starting with this transition.
  • We have an active Waitlist and will ensure that we get you into any openings!

We are moving our Brick & Mortar physical location of our Supplement store to our Bend, OR location during the week of JUNE 26th.

  • Shipping for orders on our ONLINE STORE still available!
  • As of June 21st, we will no longer offer a “Pick Up” option for Raleigh, NC.
  • All shipments will be processed Monday – Friday.
  • An added benefit you will see: all orders fall under Oregon No Sales Tax (savings of 6.75%)
  • You will still have access to all of the same supplements, with the convenience of shipping to your doorstep! EASY
  • COUPON CODE for Free Shipping from now until the end of July: SHIPLOVE 
  • There has always been, and will continue to be Free Shipping on orders over $400 (for future reference)
  • Stay tuned for more special offers and Coupon Codes

I want this transition to add VALUE to the care you receive!

The vision is to develop a (rare) dual degree (Naturopathic plus Acupuncture) Residency Clinical Program in Oregon in affiliation with my alma mater, NUNM (National University of Natural Medicine). I have partnered with a colleague, Dr. Wendy Weintrob from Glow Medicine (in Bend) and we are currently in the process of rebranding each of our individual clinics for the opening of our new clinic.

The new clinic is Inspired Health: Integrative + Functional Medicine Center, and will be located in a beautiful building (the Box Factory) in Bend, Oregon > Opening AUGUST 1st.

We hope that you experience a seamless grace around this transition and appreciate your support and understanding in advance.

If you have any questions you can email us at or call us at (919)825-3888.

Be Inspired,
Dr. Dishman

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